Explanation to the finished group projects result

There is a collection of valid reasons to why I believe our group project wasn`t an achievement and didn`t extent to our highest potential. The explanations to why I personally believe our presentation appeared to have involved negligence in its preparation. Though, to my belief the parts of the project that were assembled were not put together with absentmindedness. I would like to essentially focus on the fundamental argumentations. These are the communication, organisational skills and also the individuals’ participation within the project process.

Firstly, communication is the upmost crucial aspect of any group project regardless of its substance. Exchanging of information between group members is vital. Furthermore without this element the project making process will break down and it`s framework will collapse. The orientation of the group project is possibly the constitutional baseline to beginning a project. It is non-arguable that it is beneficial for the group members to become familiarised with each other. Methods of contacting one another should be placed such as email addresses etc. Though I believe for our project this familiarisation was not accumulated. Thus this damaged our final production.

We had a group wiki account and a group page on the social networking site, facebook. To my knowledge I don`t believe any of us within the group were fully aware of all of the members we were collaborating with. Thus from the word go our project was already weakened. From reflecting on our project I believe that it would have been a construction activity for the requirements of the group project to have been discussed in a group meeting with all members’ present. It should have been assumed that all members were fully aware of what the group project entailed.

Secondly, the interior elements of the project such as the organisational feature impact the projects concluding effort. A presentation topic needs to be decided on between all of the members. A mutual agreement on to what the group wants to produce needs to be established. In our group project we based it on a poem on which one of the members wrote , though when it came to auditing this  it was discovered that it`s time limit was rather short. The person who assembled the poem was away thus an extension on the poem was not made. Decisions about physical arrangements and visual aids needed to be reached. Upon looking back on our project process it is obvious that for the most part of the group project, meetings were not as frequently occurring as they should have been. Consequently this influenced the components of the project.   Also at several of the meetings very few members attended for various different reasons. Furthermore this reflected badly on our project.

Finally, the division of labour and the individuals’ participation within the group project was another defect existing in our work. The projected defiantly needed to be bisected in to a series of differing areas. Correspondingly each individual would have something to work on. I believe in our project some individuals took on too much work whereas others took on too little. Thus the project developed an unfair system to have in a group project.  Also on contemplation an order in the steps of the project would have been salubrious. An example would have been the creation of the audio and to if it should have taken place before or after the invitations were produced and distributed on the internet.  From participating and observing our project, I`ve gathered that a timetable would have been profitable. The timetable could have concluded the goals and to when they should have reached completion. Alongside this an agreement upon a schedule of meetings is another necessity in which our group project was lacking.  I found reflection on the project an extraordinarily useful activity and believe I have learned beneficial knowledge from doing so. Thus I can take this knowledge and use it as guidance in improving my group project skills.







Communication Within The Group.

The communication in which was to take place between the members taken part in the group presentation was interpersonal communication.  This meant that each member would depend on the next. A group effort was to be apparent. Thus I felt this to be vital element of achieving a quality standard finished project. Though each member may have individual tasks within the project I felt everyone should be aware of  what their associates are contributing. The Wiki was a great way of exchanging and announcing information.

Rehearsal were crucial to the framework of the project. The details of the rehearsals were shared on the  Group Wiki page or on the Social Networking site, Facebook.The rehearsals were central to get every element of the group project coordination.Every aspect needed to fit together as it was a group project and not an individual project. Each aspect needed to be decided by the entire group and not just the individual . Thus I organised a rehearsal when needed and posted it on the Wiki Page.

Setting up of the team project and my contribution.

The setting up of the basis behind our group project was a lengthy progress. This is mind, once the foundations had been set, the group began to pick up the base and thus created a mold for the project the fit into . The Wiki page http://sorytellingproject2011.pbworks.com was indispensable and vital in the constructing of our group project. I felt it was the most reliable way of communicating to the group as a whole. Another form of communication the group used throughout the project progress was the social networking site Facebook.

I examined the project criteria. I wanted to contribute to the project in the best possible way that I could alongside helping out with other aspects in which I may not consider myself to be that familiar or particularly skilled in.Taking this into consideration, I believed my main strengths with in the group would be  in the distributing of the team project`s invitations and making communication with the citizens of Second Life in relation to it.

Firstly I had to consider the best strategy I was going to take in pursuing this task. The strategy would have to have the ability to make and hold contact with individuals. The contact would have to have an impact. An impact would be needed so that they would remember what they had been told. I wanted it be memorable to the extent that they would be interested enough to attend our presentation on Wednesday Evening.

I chose to make individual and personal contact rather than approaching a large collection of people or a community. I visited the “chat” destinations of Second Life as they always have the largest population. The larger the population the more people I have access to communicate with. Due to the element that there were more people in the area  ,it gave me the ability to stay in that area and not have to travel around to search for people to communicate with. Thus this saved time and made the progress much quicker. Furthermore , having more time meant I could continue and communicate with more people.

Overall most people were intrigued but it can be hard to establish whether they will actually attend the presentation. I found Jade Ernest`s Image-Invitation that she created to be particularly helpful in the progress. The message I was trying to portray to the citizens of Second Life was put forward instantly.I visited different destinations within the “chat” categories to collect a broad audience. I also found it crucial that I post on the Wiki page to inform the group of this progress. My reasoning behind this was so that the members would know advancements were being made.


Contact with Other Inhabitants of Second life.

Once familiarization with the layout of second life was established , I was very interested in visiting as many differing exciting and unusual  areas of S.L as I possibly could.  I began my quest almost upon creating my avatar. I became comfortable with the structure of the virtual world and began socializing with other virtual characters. I wanted to make contact with people who were similar to me! Thus to make communication I went back to the areas of SecondLife which I personally found to be the  most intriguing and fascinating.

I have a vivid and practiced interest in music thus the first area which automatically came to my mind to revisit was the “Radio City – Riff Rock Club, Triplefin” . There I met “Biggi Bandalora”. She was a German woman who spoke a moderate amount of English. Though I also speak some German so at times the conversation became a mixture of both language. This was a new experience for me. Biggi Bandalora spoke of her interest in music for the majority of the conversation. I found this to be very enlightening and knowledgeable as I knew very little about German Music. From this experience I discovered that not only is SecondLife a place where people can interact and make new connections but it is a multicultural data-bank , where we can learn more about different parts of the world through the means of conversation with the citizen of which ever part you may be interested in.

This encounter excited me thus I decided to go the the “chat” category to continue on making new connections in second life. I briefly examined the destinations available and chose to visit the highly populated “LONDON CITY Soho and Regent’s Park, London City”. I was astonished at the amount of inhabitants communicating and exchanging information. The character I found most intriguing here was “MissAmyDarkByrd”. Amy was of a close age range to myself . Her being Nineteen and me being Eighteen. Thus we had an endless selection of topics to communicate about.  She was an English speaking native of Britain. Furthermore making our conversation easy flowing, without any language or linguistic barriers. We spoke in colloquial language about everyday things such as our interests , our education , work etc.

The two characters I have mentioned are examples of two differing categories of people that are available to be contacted on Second Life. We can communicated with inhabitants of different languages and cultures to our own and discover things we never came across or knew about, or we can communicate with people of similar interests and lifestyles as our own.

From Prosumer to Produser

In the reading “from Prosumer to producer: Understanding User-Led Content Creation” by Prof Axel Bruns he proposes several different ideas. The first topic mentioned is “User-Generated Content”. This is how individuals can operate their own material, texts and methods of communication through the World Wide Web. It proclaims this has extensively become a pop-culture element in the communication via broadcast and publication practise. The ideology related to the prosumer put forward is with the use of Web 2.0 technologies. This idea try’s to exhilarate the consumer to communicate, collaborate, interpret and post/share via the World Wide Web.

It questions whether or not Alvin Toffler’s prosumer has arrived. The ‘Prosumer’ was developed to have a defining word of the middle formation between Producer and Consumer. This is the customer who buys products/services via technical methods e.g. Internet.   Dr`Bruns is a futurist and therefore is focussing on how things could be manufactured in the future in consistency with the prosumer.  It envisions that in the end the consumer’s involvement in the manufacturing will be much larger. The text contemplates how the customer contributes the finance and marketing information needed for the producer.

If we did not have the consumer involved in the cycle of  creating new innovative products there would be no demand for the producer to produce them.The consumer and the producer coincide with each other. Without one there would not be the other. The consumer supplies the producer with the information they need to produce . Once the producer produces it , the consumer can then continue on the process and purchase it. The producers have the necessary technological support in computers and other mechanical machines to develop new innovative and exciting  products to introduce to the world.Furthermore these new technologies would not be needed if it were not for the consumer demanding advancements to improve their everyday lifestyles in relation to the products they purchase.

It is utmost essential that we further our practice of focusing on both the concept of the prosumer and production.  The established chain of production that we are all so  familiar with has transformed and developed in recent times. It has expanded and broaden in the sense that previously it only contained a minimization of three main areas. These three areas are conventional and accustomed. They are the Producer , the distributor and the vital consumer. Some of the changes in which have occurred is the obvious element that now the demand of what the consumer wants is shared with the producer. They work together as a whole to achieve. This partnership is crucial and helps develop markets and consumer/ producer relations. Assessment , criticism and evaluation are critical to this partnership.The producer needs vital information that only the consumer can supply. The producer is largely dependent on the consumer for fundamental information and enlightenment on what the consumer wants and needs.


Importance Of Etiquette , convention and regulation in online communites

Etiquette is fundamental in every aspect of an individual’s life. Etiquette characterizes what society believes to be acceptable and appropriate.  Etiquette has been thought to us through family, school, community and religion since our early years and becomes a customary manor of conducting oneself.  Thus we are not always vigilant of the etiquette codes existence of an environment in which we could be inhabitant, though we may follow it. The significance of the societal rules being in place is to maintain a stable structure in the running of the everyday community.

Nevertheless there are also cases of environment’s in which the regulated etiquette can be difficult to establish. The online society’s behavioural conduct is not always coherent on first approaches. The reasoning behind this factor may be on the basis that the World Wide Web is a collaboration of hundreds of varieting communities and personalities in which have different understandings of what etiquette is. Thus, a prototype of Etiquette for online communities should be incontrovertibly articulated.

Online communities have become essentially a common form of communication between Relations, friends, acquaintances etc. Social networking is now a run-of-the-mill activity exercised by the masses and should be treated with respect to the power the phenomenon entails. Once information is released on the internet to online communities it can be accessed by others. Therefore internet can pose risk to privacy and confidentiality. The rules and regulations developed for the online community have to strongly focus on this, whereas in the regular world this issue is not as prominent. Nonetheless there are regulations of internet etiquette which have a substantial similarity to those held in the ordinary world.  The importance of these is comprehensible. The internet community should not be an open basis to ignore laws and boundaries that have been set to withhold safety and peace in the world.

Language tone needs to be circumspectly used. The World Wide Web is a collaboration of different ethnic groups and so colloquial language can be perceived askew. Therefore it is significant that when is use of colloquial that it be appropriate and non-offensive language. This also relates to the element that each user should treat others with courtesy as if it were in real life and not take advantage of the internet’s circumstances. Examples of these circumstances is that you may be anonymous or on an account which may not contain your actual real life details. The internet gives people the free ability to hide their age, location, occupation, gender etc.

Texts based chat rooms such as forums, blogs and social networking sites are dominating internet usage. Communication is being made through a written structure .The ways in which how this differs from direct face to face contact should be acknowledged. Facial expressions and voice tone are not concluded. Thus we have to be aware of how our written texts could be depicted. The marvels of emoticons can help us when putting across how we feel and the tone of a text. Excessive use of emoticons and abbreviations can also have a negative effect. Overuse can cause texts to be difficult to understand and translate. It also important to be aware that there are causes in online communities where emoticons and abbreviations are not always appropriate.

Often communication via online is solely through the written word and therefore should be approached with care. Privacy and copyright should always be inconsideration when posting content. All things in consideration the virtual community etiquette, convention and regulation existence is just as crucial as that in real life though it is not always instantly understood.







I set off to adventure around the virtual world of second life. I wanted to see a variety of different aspects of second life so I decided to visit five different locations from five different categories! I scanned through and was most intrigued by the art , music ,  real , strange and adventure/fantasy categories .From this I was brought to the following locations ;

Wildlife Photography Exhibition:

I decided to visit this particular site as I have an interested in photography and was very intrigued by the idea of seeing a photography exhibition in three-dimensional form online.The location itself is in a tranquil garden, aesthetically pleasing with nature’s beauty such at the various flowers growing threw out the location. Scattered around the region are Robert Smalls photographs enlarged and exhibited in wooden type canopies.

The Guitar Museum

From the time I spent in the Guitar Museum I discovered lots of new and interesting facts about various different famous real life guitar players alongside the occasional second life player. The Museum contains concert stages with various instruments and electronic equipment such as drum sets , microphones , guitars and large concert speakers. Overall the Museum is much the same to that of what exists in real life itself.  Also in the location you are offered the option of the “air-guitar” pose which I perceived to be an entertaining demeanour.

The Sistine Chapel

This was the most detailed and exact location that I have come across on Second-Life. It is an online replica of the existing Sistine Chapel decorated by Michelangelo during the Italian Renaissance. The interior is exact whereas the exterior of the Chapel just bares alikeness. This location was greatly informative on the scale , architecture and artistic value of the original. A sign post when entering  the Sistine Chapel location on second life explains how it was created by Vassar College.

The Crooked house

I was automatically drawn to visit the Crooked-House location. This was because I had come across the science fiction short story “and he built a crooked house” by Robert A. Heinlein before, and assumed the location most have some connection to it. The location is made up of four differently styled interconnected rooms.

Kingdom of Alurel

The kingdom of Alurel is a Utopia type fantasy world. It is entirely based around imagination and has no characteristic related to that of real life. It is memorising and enchanting with a fairy-tale style theme throughout the location. I had countless enchanted and mysterious encounters whilst in the Kingdom of Alurel! It was definitely the most unpredictable of all the locations in Second life I have visited.